About us

About Us

If your mind is telling you that it’s time for a new chapter, Atishas allows you to become the change you want to see, with the right guidance, you can. Since 2010, Atishas’s consultants have helped over 1 million people in their paths to happiness, career success, true love and self-empowerment. Our consultants are here to help you get the guidance you need and the solutions you’re looking for in life.

A consultation with one of our advisors can provide you with clarity that no one else can, we’re here to connect you with the best consultant. You get 8 FREE minutes to chat with any consultant you choose!

With Atishas, you have access to the world's best consultants, 24/7. We have selected the top consultants from all over the world. With 95% top ratings and reviews, our consultants have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and have the experience and skills to guide you to a better life. 

We guarantee you 100% anonymity and security throughout your Atishas experience. Chat with our consultants today and get a personal advices with the assurance that your consultant is a trusted his field. The answers to your most burning questions are just in front of you.

Atishas platform of consultants from around the globe is available on desktop, mobile web. Starting your live consultation chat on Atishas is very simple, you just pick your consultant, register and ask any question with 8 FREE minutes.


Why Atishas? 

 -  Powerful Experience  

  Consultants from all over the world with wide variety of skills and experience.

-  Known Reputation for Accuracy

  Over 1 million 5-star ratings from people just like you.

-  Clear Answers from our Consultants.

  Enabling you to find your path to love and happiness.

-  Best Consultants Guarantee

  It’s FREE until you find your favorite consultant. 8 minutes FREE with each new advisor you chat with.

-  24/7 Real-Time Availability

  Large network of consultants always available via phone or chat.

-  Anonymity and Privacy

   100% anonymous and confidential chat guaranteed.

-  Secure and Safe

   Payment information is always kept safe, secure, and confidential.